Aerotrain Observation update

 Finally windows have been attached



 After quite a while here are some pics of RI's AB6. It is the rebuilt version with two prime movers, the second diesel installed instead of the baggage compartment


Early E-units

 Using Aristo's E8-units as a starting point I'm working on two early E-units:

1. Santa Fe's E-1 with the sleek and smooth nose and countersunk headlight

2. Rock Island's AB6 after rebuilding (two power units instead of one and the baggage-compartment)

I'll post some pictures when the shells show a more advanced status


RI 9049 'Rocket Jr.' - painting & detailling

 After quite a long time some progress to show on my RI 9049 'Rocket Jr'


RI 'Rocket jr.' #9049

Current status of RI's 'Rocket jr.', the rebuilt/streamlined motor car #9049
- Lengthened Aristo Doodlebug shell
- modified number of coach area windows
- modified cab's front and side windows
- GRP skirting
- Modified Aristo-HW roof
- Modified Aristo doodlebug front radiator intake
- USA-Trains NW2 powered front truck
- USA-Trains NW2-rear truck with shortened wheelbase


PRR BP-20 A/B in 1/29

Progress on my BP-20 set so far:
The shells are from a 3D-printed kit (Kirkville Locomotive works). I did some modifications to resemble more to the protoype.


RI #798-799

First look to the progress on RI's big Davenport - I'll build the early appearance of the units with vertical openings on the hoods' sides and closed ends (black painted shell)


Planning more diesel-projects in 1/29

Currently a PRR BP20-set is under construction
Using already acquired basket-cases, here's a list of further projects to come:

RI Davenport 112t

RI rebuilt motor-car #9049 'Rocket Jr.'


Further projects done

NYC RP-210

MILW #5900

DRG&W M-1 'The Prospector'


Several projects finished

Baldwin-Lima-Hamilton gas turbine 'Blue Goose'

Peoria & Pekin Union RR #200

Rock Island #10000

Rock Island #9006

Alco demonstrator DL202

Ingalls S4