Early E-units

 Using Aristo's E8-units as a starting point I'm working on two early E-units:

1. Santa Fe's E-1 with the sleek and smooth nose and countersunk headlight

2. Rock Island's AB6 after rebuilding (two power units instead of one and the baggage-compartment)

I'll post some pictures when the shells show a more advaned status


RI 9049 'Rocket Jr.' - painting & detailling

 After quite a long time some progress to show on my RI 9049 'Rocket Jr'


RI 'Rocket jr.' #9049

Current status of RI's 'Rocket jr.', the rebuilt/streamlined motor car #9049
- Lengthened Aristo Doodlebug shell
- modified number of coach area windows
- modified cab's front and side windows
- GRP skirting
- Modified Aristo-HW roof
- Modified Aristo doodlebug front radiator intake
- USA-Trains NW2 powered front truck
- USA-Trains NW2-rear truck with shortened wheelbase


PRR BP-20 A/B in 1/29

Progress on my BP-20 set so far:
The shells are from a 3D-printed kit (Kirkville Locomotive works). I did some modifications to resemble more to the protoype.


RI #798-799

First look to the progress on RI's big Davenport - I'll build the early appearance of the units with vertical openings on the hoods' sides and closed ends (black painted shell)


Planning more diesel-projects in 1/29

Currently a PRR BP20-set is under construction
Using already acquired basket-cases, here's a list of further projects to come:

RI Davenport 112t

RI rebuilt motor-car #9049 'Rocket Jr.'


Further projects done

NYC RP-210

MILW #5900

DRG&W M-1 'The Prospector'


Several projects finished

Baldwin-Lima-Hamilton gas turbine 'Blue Goose'

Peoria & Pekin Union RR #200

Rock Island #10000

Rock Island #9006

Alco demonstrator DL202

Ingalls S4


ALCO DL-202 'Black Maria'

Since the basic dimensions of ALCO's FA and its predecessor, the demonstrator DL-202 are almost the same a kitbash of a 'Black Maria' A-unit is mostly dealing with the modification of the nose and the side louvers & windows.
Some details (door handles, couplers, hoses, rivets and the mesh on the upper intakes) are still missing, but for a first impression here some shots of my model so far.

Some adjustment regarding the position of the shell on the chassis has to be done. also, the trucks are different to the standard AAR-type. Lack of the brake cylinders and a different shape of the equalizer bars are the prominent topics.