#9908 - cab's front substructure

Two horizontal and one vertical formers with an 0.040" styrene overlay make the substructure of the cab. After building a similar construction for the raised roof of the engine room these areas will be covered with glass-fiber & resin.

and a few days later

GM&O #1900 - further painting

First look after application of the light black on roof and front & rear pilots. Some corrections on the  border lines betwen red and black will have to be done.

CB&Q #9908 'Silver Charger'

Since I've developed an affection for CB&Q's fluted stainless  steel locomotives I decided to tackle #9908 'Silver Charger' the locmotive of 'General Pershing Zephyr'.

I use an USA-Train streamliner (a diner) for the shell. Trucks will be either a poered front truck only (like the prototype) probably using an USA-Trains' SD-40-truck and turning the side frames into 'Blomberg'-look-a-likes. Since the train with #9908 will only consist of three cars or so this might be sufficient. It may also be a solution to get more powr using an Aristo-FA-truck for the rear...however, thia would depend on the speed's matching of the two types.

Shortened, the windows filled and resting on tweo FA-trucks - it'll be a long way to resemble the beautiful #9908....


GM&O #1900 - basic color to shell

Started with painting #1900

PPU #200 with black shell

Found the right black shade for the shell finally - now for the herald, lettering & silver lining

UP M-23's trailer

Started the paint job on M-23's trailer


Ingalls 4S refined

Some progess on Ingalls 4S