More diesels in 1/11

When I started in the ride-on scale I haven't enough skill to construct a model completely by myself. So I ordered a Maxitrak F7-kit, which was improved with many details

After this 'introduction' I felt able to built a model from scratch - an Amtrak F40PH

The F40PH was joined by a MHC as a riding car and a Superliner for 'show-biz'

More high-power vintage diesel locmotives in 1/29

More than ten years ago, I started to build with the first models of high-power, vintage diesel locomotives in 1/29

First, the well known UP's GTEL 4500hp baby turbine
As the 'blue goose' it started it's life as an Aristocraft FA/FB-set

The second unit is a GE U50 (even after more than ten years I haven't managed to finish it)

It was built by using two Aristocraft U25's


project: BLW's Gas-turbine 'blue goose' in 1/29 - further progress

That's the current status of the project:

All grills have been applied, the exhaust  stack of the first turbine as well as the exhaust of the steam-generator (supplied by the second turbine's exhaust) are mounted. The louvers on the roof as well as at the front are inseerted.
The headlight was countersunk in the tip of the nose; the numberboards with the markerlights are fitted into nose's sides.
Now the riveted battens and the several hatches are on the list for assembly.