M-10005: ready for rivets

Finally both the A- and B-unit's shells have all the details attached.


M-10005: A-unit's shell almost finished...

Apart from making new skirts for the B-unit as well as the aux. power car which took considerable time I decided to add L-shaped brass liners at the lower edges of the shells and the skirts' upper edges. The brass liners were countersunk so there are a smooth, sharped edges which can take some impact before a damage will occur. Nothing of a 'highlight' to show but necessary according to my experiences on handling the models.
Finally there is some obvious progress to show of the A-unit:
- the battens were applied
- handrails & steps were built and attached
- the front 'shield' and the logos on the nose's sides were constructed and attached

The B-unit's shell still has to be sand before battens, handrails and steps can be mounted.
Additionally I have to decide which size (head diameter) and material of rivets are appropriate (also considering the costs)- I estimate app. 5000 or so will have to be applied to each shell.

Meanwhile the aux.power-baggage has been leveled (both parts of the shell were not completely in line but slightly tilted). So finally the roofs could be adapted in line, too (no pictures of this).