ATSF rebuilt 1-spot

Now after some progress a few photos of the first assembly steps (side skirt and roof not shaped now). Set-up is on Aristo's HW-trucks for demonstration purposes.


Streamlined ATSF #10 or #1 in 1/29

Started with the first 'rebuilt' design of Amos & Andy - the streamlined bulldog-nose set-up with the cab on top of the nose.
There are slight differences in the bulldog-nose' shape between #1 and #10 the latter having a more slanted nose above the herald and a different window arrangement.
Up to now I'm not quite sure which unit I'll build...it depends a bit how the  bulldog-nose will emerge from the trials.

Once again, body and basic roof are from an Aristo-Craft HW.
The bulldog nose is quite a challenge - compound curves in every direction!

I haven't make up a final decision on truck arrangement - either the earlier 1B-B or the final 1B-1B version. Additionally I'm not sure whether I should use the A1A-trucks of USA-Trains as a substitute (actually a 1B, too). There are a few differences in appearance between the 1B (asymmetrical axle distance, about 14' 6" wheelbase) and the A1A (symmetrical axle distance, app. 15'6" wheelbase).
Pictures of first assembly will follow


Update on ATSF #2611

Some progress on shell & roof


Further progress on ATSF #2611

Installed the ventilation hatches on the roof, head and rear light and couplers.