New projects - basic bodies

CBQ's  'Silver King'

Cab-unit of DRGW's 'Prospector'


Upcoming new projects in 1/29

After finishing CBQ's 'General Pershing Zephyr' I'll go on transforming streamliner coaches into shovelnoses.

CBQ  #9906A 'Silver King' and 9906B 'Silver Queen'

#9906A & B

DRGW's short-lived early M-1 'Prospector' by Budd
Rio Grande 'Prospector'

Units will be powered using modified Aristo-Craft's AAR B-trucks.


General Pershing Zephyr - train set completed

Finally CBQ's 'General Pershing Zephyr' was completed. The power unit and coaches were assembled, modified, got interior, were painted & decaled:
- Silver Charger (power unit, 1000hp)
- Silver Leaf (88ft 8" coach, 72 seats)
- Silver Eagle (78ft 8" coach, 52 seats)
- Silver Star (88ft 7" observation, 22 seat parlor, dining car)

and a pictures' bigger version of the train