GM&O #1900 in 1/29 - the sole Ingalls 4S

Waiting on parts for the other projects I decided to start another project of a unique diesel:
GM&O #1900, built by Ingalls in 1946 as a demonstrator for the intended line of diesel-electrics.
Eventually sold to GM&O it served until 1962.

GM&O #1900

I was able to get an Aristo-Craft FA unit for good price - it will provide the trucks and most parts of the shell, the frame and the pilot. How it starts:

For the HW-passenger car like monitor roof an old Bachmann coach was cannibalized. The rear steps are from an already depleted USA-Trains NW2-frame


Peoria & Pekin Union RR #200

After a long time an update on PPU's #200 of 1939

I ran out of the small decorative screws and have to wait for my order.
Still not sure about the shell's color - later diesels were plain black. So far I've no info on #200's color. From the b&w phottos it seems that the shell has a lighter color than the frame - however this could be also an effect of light incidence or color's fading.