Peoria & Pekin Union RR #200 - a powerful streamlined switcher

Davenport & Besler's one-of-a-kind streamlined center-cab switcher built in 1938
Peoria & Pekin Union RR's #200 has two 190hp-diesels under each hood, so 760hp in total. It has full width hood with nicely rounded edges.
The cab has inclined front panels pointed towards the center where the exhaust stacks are encased.
Unfortunately there is not much information in books or in the net - all photos are a 3/4-view at best which making an dimensions' estimation rather difficult (with no 'reference' in the photo)

Prototype photo from Don Ross collection

Model is built in 1/29 scale using parts (trucks, frame & cab) of USA-Trains' GE 44t.
- frame was extended app. 1.5"
- two cab were cut & spliced together
- plain side walls and slightly rounded top of hood are from 0.80" styrene
- interfaces of side walls and hood's top panel are made from card board tube
- All areas will be covered with GRP to stiffen and smoothen the surfaces

Basic subconstruction


ATSF #1: further progress on trucks

Almost finished ATSF #1's trucks.
Power trucks from USA-trains SD-40, using the side-frames as a basic subconstruction with electrical pick-up and fastening provision to the unit's body. Equalizers were made using parts from LGB Alco trucks' side frames.

Some overspray as well as some just added details (back-up light casinf, rear door (missing on Hallmark's H0-model) ans door latches (missing on the H0-model as well) has to be revised.
Finally more resemblance to the prototype...