KM ML4000 CC - details on shell & electrical wire-harness

 The wire-harness for two power circuits (36V for motors, 12V for accessories) has been applied.
The motors are regulated by a 4QD-controller. The accessories (fans, lights, horns) are relay-controlled and switched from a hand-held box which contains the pot and switches for the motors, too.
The two horns are placed next to the cab. Behind the battery-tray a bank with relays and fuses is placed (40A main fuse for drive-line, each motor additionally fused with 20A).

On the rear there is a connector that will supply power to the shell (fans & lights).

The shell now has been fitted with hand-rails; the accompanying ladders have been attached to the frame

On the cab DRGW's distinctive rear-mirrors were attached - in contrast to the prototype the model has collapsible mirrors to avoid conflicts during transport.