M-10005: engineer's car

Of course the train has to receive a car for the engineer - according to prototype's composition this will be the auxiliary-power/baggage car #11700 that ran on the third position of the '36's prototype. It's app. 75' 10" body will turn into a model of 10'4" length. For ease of handling during transport I decided a) to  separate the 'body' from the car's frame, dividing it into two parts of 5'2"  length and b) to separate the roof from the body's side dividing it into three parts (avoiding a common 'break' of roof and body at the same position).
At the roof's front (app. first 2ft) the vents & exhaust of the two aux. diesels are located (of course only as simulated details). The rest of the roof should be able to carry up to three adults (engineer+two passengers) - this will give some serious design challenges on the trucks' suspension system.
First pictures...


M-10005: Assembling A- & B-unit

Eventually I assembled the complete locomotive - of course there were some problems with the powered truck which still interferes with the A-unit's coupler-pocket...more cutting & grinding necessary....
Total length is app. 18.5ft