..and now for something completely different: Borden's milk tank cars in 1/11

Ok, the blog's headline is about diesel-models - sorry for mixing with freight cars...however, I couldn't resist to add them!

After some downtime on these models I continued with the work on the 'butter dish' cars. I have scratch-built two of them - they will receive different positions of the handbrake.

One will have the handbrake attached to the 'butter dish', the other will have a separate brake stand.

They represent the post-war version with the top-fins removed.
The frame was made of (welded) steel beams; the express trucks were made by modifying castings offered by a German supplier.
The 'butter dish' itself has a basic structure from fiber-boards and paper for the rounded top. Then some layers of glass fibers with resin were applied.

So, here's the current status of the project - showing the version of the handbrake attached to the 'butter dish'.
Still missing are the walkways and the buffers with draft-gears.

The cars are not intended as riding cars despite their weight and stiffness of the frame.