RP-210 almost fnished

Finally all decals, heralds, gaskets and striping is done. A final varnish and glassing will finish the unit.

MILW #5900 - revised roof

After finally locating an overhead view of #5900 I've revised the roof details & added the MILW-typical ribs

With a final varnish, glassing the windows & adding wires behind the baggage windows will the unit will be finished. Currently an appropiate 48-seat coach is under construction


Painting & Decaling

MILW #5900 / 5901

NYC RP-210 'Xplorer'


RP-210 Xplorer

Started with the paint job


53' express reefer

By joining two USA-trains wooden reefers and shaping a rounded roof a 53'6" express reefer was kitbashed.


MILW motor car #5900 / 5901

Started with building MILW's shop-built motor car #5900 / 5901
Shell was done by cutting & fitting an Aristo FA/FB-combo. The nose was shortened and raised and modified in shape with resin. The cab's roof was leveled and adapted to the rest of the slightly reshaped roof.

Current status of the shell


GE #8835 finished

Apart of an additional lettering for GE, Alco and Ingersoll-Rand (some photos show such lettering, some are w/o) the model is finished externally (some improvements of interior and wiring the front light still are on the to-do-list)


RI #10000

Some of the roof details has been attached as well as most of the underbody parts


And #8835 again

More of the roof details (radiators, exhausts, bell, smoke stack of air heater etc.) applied


GE #8835

Further progress on #8835 with first radiator mounted

RI #10000

First pictures of the basic assembly of shell and frame