M-10005: front grill

During the very tedious work on paint touch-ups on the KM caused by a 'catastrophe' during the attempt of using liquid tape as simulation of the rubber-gasket on the shell , I got some solace by working on the M-10005's front grills...it seems that they are close to the prototype and even (almost) symmetrically on left and right. Since the front end of the nose consists of compound curves in every direction, shaping the frame and the horizontal ribs was a trial-and error process.

Additionally the door frames and further grills on the side were attached.


Update on KM's paint-job

Almost finished (some faults caused by over-spray have to be corrected).

Next step will be the rubber-decoupling around the cab - I intend to use liquid electrical tape for this


M-10005's shell - update

The housing for the headlight (copper tube) was fitted into the nose as well as the housing for the vertical warning light on the cab.

Cut-outs for the exhaust-system were made in the roof; for the photo, the roughly shaped insert part (which will carry the exhaust-muffler like a tray) was placed provisionally.