UP's EMD M-10005 'City of Denver' in 1/7.3 scale

Well, in order to have a motive-power-project in each of my preferred three gauges I'm interested in there had to be a new project on 7 1/4"-rails.
After long consideration UP's M-10005 'City of Denver' made it....
I'll follow the original version with the vertical warning light and yellow and brown painting scheme.
The scale is a bit 'stretched' to 1/7.3 which will allow me to use 5" wheels as prototype's 36 inch wheels (additionally, my old 'Big Jim' action figures can act as engineer & fireman without being too tall).
The A-unit will be powered by 4 motors, one per axle - running on 36V. I'm not sure how many batteries the unit will carry. The B-unit will be prepared for motorization, however, I'll decide this matter until first running tests of the units.
The batteries will be carried between the trucks in a lowered 'tray' so a low center of gravity will result - I hope to get similar good tracking qualities as shown by the Aerotrain.
A 5 3/4"  figure poses next to the post-war version of M-10005 (H0-scale) which is close the relation of my future model next to a 'real' 6' guy.

Currently the trucks are under construction - they will be fixed in sub-frames, which will be connected to the main frame.
The (first) riding car will be the auxiliary power-baggage car (with no power unit) - however, this is quite far away in the future.....
Photos of the frame's construction will follow, soon.