M-10005 - Air-brake cylinders on trucks

The four (non-functional) air-brake cylinders per truck  as well as the accompanying two pistons per cylinder (one on each side) were attached to the trucks.


A-unit's front window modification

Comparison of the original shape (upper outside edge)

with the shape of the model

reveals that the radius has been too small (ok, the upper part of the frame should incorporate a slight bow, which had been on the loose frame itself but mystically vanished when it was fitted into the shell - now it's too late to correct)
The difference in the edge's radius was corrected - looks more prototypically now

Additionally brass L-sections were applied to shells' ends of the units' shells in order to get sharp, impact-resistant edges.


Progress on aux.power-baggage

The details on the front-part of the car's roof (intakes, exhausts, radiators etc.) were applied:

Unfortunately the roughly finished lower skirting interferes with the shell, so the two shells as well as the parts of the roof do not line up very well (there a 'step' from the front to the middle part of the roof).

The skirting currently consists of a rounded 1/10" steel plate (a refurbished oven's tube):

So that's the current look from the side: