M-23 motor car & trailer

 First glance on the basic bodies of motor car and trailer
Fuel tanks (two crosswise) and air tanks (two lengthwise) were attached to the motor car 's underbody
 Cut-outs for the grills on the roof and below the front window were added


UP M-23 news

Some progress on the M-23 - pilot update & rough roof construction


UP's M-23 rebuilt McKeen

Some progress on the M23 in 1/29 scale:
Aristo Heavyweight's basic body, USA Trains' NW-2 front truck (side frames will be modified) and Aristo Sierra's rear truck.
Parabolic front and round rear have a styrene sublayer on a frame and were covered with some layers of glass fiber & resin.
The pilot's additional tapered off lower extension  is under construction