project: Aerotrain in 1/8

In autumn 2006 I started with a model of GM's Aerotrain in 1/8
As usual the shell was made from a steel frame; even sides got a basis of fiber-board, easy rounded edges a basis from steel tubes. The 3D-shape of the nose and the cab's roof were cut from EPS-foam and covered basically with several layers of fiberglass. Finally the whole shell was again covered with fiberglass to blend all sections into a continous smooth outline

On my model all three axles are powered (in contrast to the prototype) with one motor on each axle. Here is a picture from the front-truck:

It took a good time to make some progress (05/2008):


Finally the LWT12 was finished (05/2009):

My Aerotrain consists of three coaches and the observation car. Each car is able to carry a load of 200kg+ which requires a rather heavy construction of the car and its roof. Sub-construction of the roof was made from expanded metal:

The axles are cushioned by a combination of springs and metal-rubber-elements

The observation car in a very early condition

The sides received simulated fluting which was made from brass wire soldered to thin brass panels.
The current status of the train (09/2010) - riveting has started....there will be 12000+ rivets on the cars overall

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