UP's M-10005 in 1/7.3 - first pictures of the chassis & trucks

I started with the trucks for the A&B unit last year, fabricated another pair of trucks for the aux power-baggage and welded the basic frames for models in winter. I already have made the two trays carrying the car-batteries (six in total, wired in series & parallel for 36V).

Each axle is powered by two 750W motors (36V) connected by chain (including an idler of app. 4:1-ration for speed-reduction/torque-increasing). However, the 750W power-designation of each motor is more or less a theoretical value, because I (hopefully) will never use or need the specified torque of this operating point.
Similar to my construction of the LWT12 the batteries are stored in lowered trays which will lead to a rather low center of gravity.

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