M-10005: pilot's construction

Another 'critical' & distinctive part has been basically finished - the pilot.
While the circumference shape changes from almost tangent (at the unit's side) with a decreasing radius into the tip of the item the vertical orientation is twisted from almost vertical (once again at the side) into a significant angle at the tip.
From a test-sample from wood and cardboard the basic shapes of ribs/frames at the upper and lower position were evaluated.
First a basic main frame from square tubes was constructed and test-fitted onto the unit's chassis.
Flat bar irons (thickness app. 1/10 of an inch) were welded and ground into the determined shape of the ribs. These were welded onto the basic main.
The pilot's panels were cut from a iron stove-pipe (8" diameter) and bent into the shape given by the ribs (with deliberate use of a hammer). The panels were welded to the ribs finally while fixed by heavy clamps.
Finally the pilot was cut & ground into the prototypical shape.

Some sanding was necessary to adapt the overlap of the shell to the new pilot - some re-laminating of the overlapping area will be necessary. But basically the pilot now fits the shell.

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