ATSF #2611 in1/29

Another project: ATSF #2611, a transfer unit rebuilt from one of the one-spots.

ATSF #2611

Body will - once again - consist of an Aristo-Craft HW. Shortened, with the HW's end slightly inclined.
Roof will be a bit more difficult due to the different intake grills on each end and sides as well as the two 'counter-sunk' exhaust/muffler arrangements (quite similar to those of the M-10005) and the several cooling intake hatches.

Trucks of an USA-Trains F3B will be used.

First pictures of the basic body & truck assembly (I have to admit, looking really strange & ugly). Body height seems to be rather small in comparison to the usual F-units and the trucks - however, it is according to the app. 6'10" listed in the drawing in 'Santa Fe early diesel daze'.

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