M-10005: electrical controlling system installed

Since I use four motors of app. 750W each (36V) I had the choice between two controlling systems:
- a single, very powerful controller with long wire harness to the motors and the two 36V-packes (12V batteries in serial connection)
- two smaller controllers one for each truck, connected in a master-slave set-up, with shorter wire harness and none of the problems of connecting two different 36V-packs

Well, after several months of consideration I decided to go with two controllers in a master slave set-up (4QD Pro-150).
The front truck is the slave, the rear the master controller which is connected to the controlling box (with ignition, forward/reverse-switch and speed
For safety I put several fuses into the harness (ignition, battery connection and to each motor) -  maybe overkill but this set-up may help to locate a problem or to ease limping back into the station.

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